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iVac | 10031-0100

iVac Automated Vacuum Switch

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The Intelligent Vacuum Switch eliminates the distraction of turning on and off a dust collection system while you are operating potentially dangerous power tools. Received ETL safety approval. Three modes of operation: Auto, Off , On and Turn-On delay avoids the two power surges occurring at the same time Turn-Off delay clears work area of remaining debris after tool has stopped. Two input power cords permit operation from two separately protected circuits when the combined load from tool and vacuum exceed 15 Amps. Both power cords are individually protected with 15 Amp circuit breakers. Compact and lightweight, switch mounts to the wall. Designed to conveniently enhance your work shop safety. Users of the iVAC Switch Box will notice that the User Guide indicates that the product has been designed to operate at 115Vac from a 15Amp circuit. On the top surface of the product is an inscription stating that the product is only rated at 12Amps. This is a requirement of the safety approval organizations that have the following guidelines. Where equipment is intended to be connected to a standard US or Canadian source of supply by a power supply cord, the attachment plug shall be rated not less than 125 percent of the rated current of the equipment at the nominal system voltage range as defined by the configuration of the plug. In simple terms it means that the approved rating of the product can only be equal to 80 percent of the 15Amp supply plug. This results in 12Amps. In the design process BCT iVAC has considered the fact that the end user can in fact plug the unit into either a 15Amp or 20Amp AC Mains receptacle and then connect any device that has a 115Vac 15Amp plug. As a result all of the components have been selected, and the product has been rigorously tested under the 15Amp conditions. The two circuit breakers on the product are rated at 15Amps.

2640 TOTAL WATTS two input power cords permit operation from two separately protected circuits.
TURN ON DELAY avoids the two power surges occurring at the same time.
TURN OFF DELAY ensures that your work area continues to be cleared of remaining airborne debris.
Modes of operation: Auto, Off and On. Dust Collector / Shop Vacuum up to 1HP or 5 Peak HP.
NO VENTING HOLES the iVac's internal components are designed to generate very little heat.