3/8 Do-it-yourself Tite-reach Extention Wrench Model

  • Sale
  • $ 30

  • Use with your 3/8" socket set to add 8 inches of reach
  • Rated to 30 ft-lbs of direct torque
  • Lite-duty use in your garage or home
  • Ultrasonic welded plastic housing
  • Now comes with our new 1/4" bit adapter with magnet insert.

The Do-it-yourself version of the tite-reach extension wrench is a great addition for your house or garage. This light-duty wrench extension will make sure you never go 1-click at a time with your socket set again. The extension wrench keeps your hands and knuckles away from hot objects or tight spaces making that awkward nut or bolt easy to remove. Drop a bit into our new 1/4" bit adapter and the tite-reach becomes 2" long screw driver for removing pesky screws in tight spaces.