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Leecraft | BH2

Bosch 4000 and 4100 Series Table Saw Zero-Clearance Dado Insert BH-2

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Leecraft model BH-2 fits Bosch 4100 & 4000. LEECRAFT Phenolic Inserts and Sheet Stock reduce splintering and chip-out on the bottom side of regular or dado table saw cuts. Simply raise your saw blade through the insert to create a "kerf" which precisely matches the blade on your saw. Complete with instructions. Insert surface colors may vary.

Fits: Bosch 4100 & 4000
Measures: 13-9/16" x 3-3/4" x 7/16" (Please measure before ordering)
Offers superior rigidity, flatness, durability, and low friction; reduces chip-out and splintering
Elimantes dangerous gap around blade where thin off-cuts can get wedged
Installation instructions included