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Collins Miter Spring Pliers and 4 Miter Clamps Kit

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Collins Miter Spring Pliers and 4 Miter Clamps KitWhether you are applying moldings and trim or whipping up a run of picture frames one of the biggest hassles in gluing up mitered corners is keeping them from opening up. Spring clamps are the quickest and easiest way to do it and the Collins Spring Clamp System is one of the most economical we've ever come across. The clamps spread up to approximately 2', so they will cover most trim sizes and any compound miter. Spring Pliers help place clamps exactly where you want them, and avoid scratching the stock when you remove them.

Clamps are of heavy duty metal construction with coated plastic handles
Easily apply and remove Miter ClampsOpens to almost two inches and open to almost two inches
Clamps sharp points pierce the wood without cutting wood fibers and keep the pressure on
Clamps hold any compound miter as well as all awkward shapes and profiles
Made in USA