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FeatherPro Table Saw High Density Foam Feather Board, 90 Pounds Pressure, Reversible, Replaceable Fingers FP1

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The FeatherPro was specifically designed to have a huge mechanical advantage over traditional wood and plastic feather boards. It has on average 5X the kickback protection of these types of feather boards. Thats a difference between 15 lbs VS 90 lbs of protection. Dramatically reduce your chance of harm through this hi-tech hinge while maintaining amazing flexibility and feel. You can apply lots of pressure or a little pressure depending on what youre doing EVEN WHEN working with soft woods. If you accidentally hit your blade with this feather board it wont shatter or explode in your face. This not only increases your safety, but it also helps protect your equipments longevity. Easily swap out feather inserts when switching between a standard set or an ultralight set. It works on both right and left sides of the fence. FeatherPro is reversible by simply flipping it over and reversing hardware. You can also use it in the vertical position, not just horizontal.

Made in the USA!!!
5X more kickback protection over conventional plastic feather boards
Up to 90 pounds of kickback protection vs just 15 pounds of standard feather boards
Replaceable and interchangeable high density foam feathers
Fits any table with 3/8" x ??" miter slot