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Gorilla Gripper | 44009

Gorilla Gripper 0 - 3/4'' Plywood Carrier

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  • $ 41.90

  • Automatically clamps onto any stock from 0''-3/4''
  • Ruggedly built; indestructible
  • Made in the USA from aircraft aluminum
  • Load rating of 200 lbs.
  • Labor-saving. Back-saving

Gripping hand tool designed for lifting, carrying and moving a variety of
building materials that are large, unwieldy and heavypanels of plywood,
particle board, drywall/wallboard, melamine, sheet metal, solid core doors,
table tops, solid surface materials, granite, marble and moreall with
surprising ease! The unique Gorilla Gripper grips from the top, making it easy
to position, providing wonderful leverage, permitting a full field of vision
while carrying, and encouraging proper lifting technique. It has a soft-
cushioned handle that serves as a lever, using the weight of the panel to
create clamping force. With non-marring rubberized gripping pads the gripping
plates pivot to remain parallel, self-adjusting to the thickness of the
material. An excellent solution for anyone having to move sheet goods, whether
every day or once a year! Considering the importance of a well-preserved back,
the Gorilla Gripper is likely to be the best investment a construction worker,
woodworker or DIYer will ever makeand less expensive than one visit to a