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Diamond Stone Holder

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M.POWERƒ??s Diamond Cross Diamond Stone Holder has a good number of advantages over itƒ??s predecessors. To start, it can hold a large range of different diamond stone shapes and sizes and not just our new Diamond Cross range either.

From a solid 8ƒ?� bench stone to any old Credit Card diamond stone. The DSHƒ??s rare earth magnets lock onto the underside of the stone providing instant grip between bench/work-surface and Diamond stone. OK so there is a piece of non slip mat that can do that. Except that the DC DSH (unlike the spongy mat) provides much needed clearance. So when youƒ??re sharpening a knife, the DSH raises the sharpening surface so that the knife handle doesnƒ??t hit the surface that you're working on.

Holds any diamond credit card stone
Holds The Diamond Cross Router Bit Sharpener
Non Slip, Solvent Resistant
Magnetic Lock