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M-Power PSS1 Sharpening System DC De-Burring Plate

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    Regardless of what system a woodworker chooses to sharpen or re-touch the edge
    of a blade with. A result of the process is going to be raising a burr or wire
    on the back or flat of the chisel. The successful removal or "Backing Off" of
    the wire is an important part of the sharpening process. The burr is actually
    the abraded tip or old edge of the chisel that's being removed. When
    sharpening on the PSS the burr removal was carried out by hand; wiping the
    flat of the blade on one of the PSS diamond stones. However this can now be
    achieved much more quickly by fitting the PSS accessory "De-Burring plate"
    After sharpening simply sliding the blade back away from the carriage and
    across the De-Burring plate and the wire/burr is wiped clean from the blade.
    Fitting the De-Burring plate has an added bonus; due to the naturally abrasive
    surface of the diamond plate. Holding any chisel or plane blade during the
    sharpening process becomes easier as the diamond plated surface tends to grip
    and hold the blade in position better.