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Magnepull | XR1000-K1

Magnespot / XR1000-K2 Extended Range Reference Point Locator

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  • $ 199.01

  • XR1000T Transmitter w/ "Bicycle Grip Case" for right or left handed persons
  • XR1000R Receiver w/ "Bicycle Grip Case" for right or left handed persons & Safety Leash
  • Black Blow Molded Rugged Carrying Case is sporting the MagneSpot logo
  • Note*** Designed for Professionals only, not designed for DIY applications.
  • Note: Only use Alkaline Batteries, No instructions inside kit go online for instuctions

Are you tiered of working blinded or hearing you man drilled into eXterior
Live Power Lines or Water Pipes? MagnePull's premium model, the MagneSpot
XR1000 Kit is an intelligent reference point locator that gives users complete
confidence before drilling, cutting, or any other task you may previously had
to do blindly. Operating the XR1000 is simple! Just place the XR1000T
Transmitter exactly on the point you need to find. On the other side of the
wall, ceiling, or floor, the XR1000R Receiver will indicate to you which
direction to move using its four red LED arrows. When you are perfectly lined
up with the Transmitter, all 4 Arrows illuminate. The XR1000 is accurate up to
1/2" & works at distances up to 3 to 4 feet away! There are 8/32" threads on
the bottom of the transmitter, making it compatible w/Labor Saving Devices
Creep-Zip or Klein Tools fiberglass rods & others w/8/32" threads to help in
hard to reach areas. Both Transmitter & Receiver are sporting the MagneSpot
red logo. For Low or High votage: Voice/Data/Video/Security/Power, CATV, CCTV,
MATV (Master Antenna) & SAT TV (Satellite Dishes) etc! Don't leave your home
or office without it! Specifications: Maximum Distance: 48" / up to 4',
Receiver Accuracy: 1/2" at 18", Transmitter Battery Type: 9V Alkaline
(included), Transmitter Battery Life: 4 Hours, Receiver Battery Type: 9V
Alkaline (included), Receiver Battery Life: 4 Hours. Applications: Drilling
through eXterior walls, Drilling from attics or basements into wall cavity,
Drilling on angles or corners, Finding Reference Points in Complicated
Constructions, Finding Reference Points in Commercial Buildings.