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Mean Green | MG-HS-16oz

Mean Green Power Hand Scrub (16 oz Jar)

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Mean Green Power Hand Scrub It will take off anything! No qualification here. We have simply been unable to find anything the working person gets his hands into that MEAN GREEN Hand Scrub can't remove. Tar, asphalt, grease, oil, bondo, glue, adhesives, paint (wet or dry), printers ink (this is what it was invented for), etc... This makes it sound like it is a really harsh industrial hand cleaner loaded with solvents --- NOT SO! MEAN GREEN will actually help your hands heal! It is the cheapest hand cleaner you will ever love! MEAN GREEN Hand Scrub is so concentrated, you will get 300 hand washes per pound! That works out to about 2 cents per wash. SAVE up to 58% compared to waterless. GoJo, DL, Loyal and all "other WATERLESS" hand cleaners cost you from 8 to 12 cents per wash. Whoa, you say, won't I waste MEAN GREEN Hand Scrub? Simple, MEAN GREEN is so concentrated that if you try to use too much, you will spend quite a while trying to get it off your hands, thus defeating the purpose of waste. MEAN GREEN Hand Scrub is the only self regulating hand cleaner on the market! Most companies go through a lot of hand cleaner, costing a lot of money. Mean Green, being very concentrated and self-regulating, will cut the amount used and can save money. One 64 oz. tub has enough uses to last as long as approximately 4 gallons of waterless, thus less storage space and ease of use. Most users of kerosene and solvent-based waterless hand cleaners notice a lot of wastage, causing increased expenses. Solvents, kerosene and turpentine cause hands to crack & split. Pain and prolonged discomfort is very common, causing decreased productivity. Mean Green solves both problems. The quality speaks for itself. The emollient in Mean Green will heal cracked and hurt hands, giving you happier employees.

It will take off anything
It actually helps heal your hands
It's the cheapest hand cleaner you'll ever love
Note: item is sold by jar size, not weight or volume