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Robert Sorby Patriot Wobble Chuck

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  • $ 91.91

  • Equipped with registration marks for repeatability
  • Multiple methods of attaching turning stock
  • Mounts in any four-jaw chuck equipped with 2" (50mm) jaws
  • Create beautiful and fun off-center goblets, spoons or even candleholders

The Robert Sorby Wobble Chuck provides the turner the opportunity to experiment with a multitude of offset turning techniques, such as creating quirky trinket boxes, offset goblets and ornamental spoons. The steel body measures 2" in diameter and is equipped with a 1-3/4" dovetail spigot used to secure it neatly in any standard 2" (50mm) jaws of a four-jaw chuck. Turning stock can be held by using one of three different methods: (1) use the supplied 1" wood screw; (2) remove the wood screw and secure stock to the chuck like a faceplate; (3) or use both methods together. The body of the chuck is split at an angle; when the top half is rotated it causes the workpiece to be tilted. The amount of tilt varies by the amount of rotation. Registration marks on the body allow for repeatability.