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Razertip | F92.21

Pen 92.21 - 2.1mm Small Circle Stamping

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Used to "brand" or stamp small circles into all surfaces. Copper tube is crimped on to the tip. Allow extra time for heating up and cooling down. Heavy duty cord recommended

Laser-welded tips - Less stress in manufacturing means that the industry's longest lasting tips will now last even longer!
Front Ventilation Ports - No hot air trapped inside. Less contact between tip posts and pen body for cooler operation.
Mid-Body Ventilation Slots - That hot air has to go somewhere. Slots are strategically placed not to interfere with comfortable operation.
Advanced Polymer Construction - Using the most advanced temperature resistant resins available today, this pen is built to provide years of dependable service.
Unconditional Warranty - All Razertip pyrography pens carry a full one year unconditional warranty (including fixed tips).