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Tri-Vise LLDSY-01 12-Inch Steel Lumber Lock Vise

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The Lumber Lock is a revolutionary breakthrough for all construction and maintenance trades and is especially great for projects around the house that youd like to do yourself. The Lumber Lock will hold dozens of different lumber shapes and sizes from 2"-12". It keeps lumber from moving and spinning for added speed and safety and it allows you to have both hands free for proper handling of power and hand tools. Your lumber is safely raised above the ground for measuring, cutting, drilling and finishing lumber projects. Lumber Lock is there to serve as an extra pair of hands.

Multiple Grip Ports hold dozens of different shapes and sizes from 2-Inch to 12-Inch
Made of sturdy steel and it's a bright safety yellow color
Dimensions: 14"W x .25"D x 12"H
Elevates material off the ground to safely measure, cut, drill and finish all lumber projects
Made in the USA