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ZipWall 4PL Plus Kit with Carry Bag, 4-Pack

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  • Pro-quality and durability; sets up fast; no tape, no ladders, no damage
  • Build a 30-Feet barrier in under 5 minutes; Height: 4-Feet 7-Inch to 12-Feet; accepts sheeting up to 8 mils thick; each SLP weighs 1.5-Pound
  • Each 4PL package contains 4 SLP poles, a head, plate, tether, and Grip Disk for each pole, 2 Foam Rails, 2 T-Clip adaptors, 1 box of Standard Zippers, 1 Carry Bag
  • Meets strict ANSI certification for quality
  • Two Year Warranty

Each 4PL package contains 4 SLPs (Spring Loaded Pole) plus
a head, plate, tether, and Grip Disk for each pole, 2 FoamRails, 2 T-Clip
adaptors, 1 box of Standard Zippers, and 1 Carry Bag The 4 Pack Plus is a
great starter kit for contractors, maintenance crews and home owners. You can
create a temporary dust barrier up to 30 feet long without the use of tape,
staples or ladders. Consider the labor savings of a ZipWall system: A 30 foot
long 10 foot high barrier took 1 hour to erect using conventional methods.
With the ZipWall system, the same barrier can be completed by one person in
under 5 minutes. It also prevents costly repairs to painted surfaces because
no tape or staples are used. And it increases customer satisfaction and
referrals. The 4 Pack Plus also gives you the option of creating a barrier
system with even better dust containment performance. Simply replace the
standard SLP pole head with a T-Clip and FoamRail, and then raise the SLP pole
to press the Foam Rail against the plastic sheeting at the ceiling. The
included Carry Bag makes it easy to store and transport your ZipWall system
and it can hold up to 12 SLP poles. The SLP head and plate assembly clamp the
plastic sheeting tightly; while the twist-locking telescoping pole lets you
raise the sheeting to the ceiling without a ladder. The exclusive spring
loading feature at the top of the pole lets you lift and tuck the sheeting
under the foot of the pole, keeping it under tension at all times. SLP poles
extend from 4 feet 7 inches to 12 feet. They are clear anodized and weigh just
1.5lbs each. Poles should be placed every 8' to 10' or closer if there is a
lot of air movement. Use a Grip Disk under each pole to secure it on smooth
flooring like vinyl or wood. SLP poles can accept any plastic or cloth
sheeting up to 8 mils thick and can support up to 110-Pound. For even better
dust containment, use our Tight-Seal accessories with SLP poles. ZipWall is a
registered trademark of ZipWall LLC. The ZipWall 4PL 4-Pack Plus
Kit with Carry Bag will help you create a small, temporary dust barrier in
just a few minutes without using tape, staples, furring strips, or ladders.
The ideal starter set for contractors, maintenance crews, and home owners,
this kit includes everything you need to create a secure dust barrier in your
workspace, including a convenient, heavy-duty Carry Bag that can hold up to 12
poles.The ZipWall 4PL Plus Kit contains everything you need to create a
ZipWall Barrier System, including:4 ZipWall 12-foot Spring Loaded Poles2
ZipWall Foam RailsZipWall AZ2 Standard Zipper 2-pack12-Pole Capacity Carry
BagAll necessary adapters, plates, and tethers(Barrier material must be
purchased separately.)Add to Your 4PL 4-Pack Plus Kit with These Items:ZipWall
12-foot Spring Loaded Poles: SLP2, SLP6ZipWall HDAZ2 Heavy Duty Zipper
2-packZipWall AZ2 Standard Zipper 2-packZipWall Foam RailsZipWall SDPK Side
PackZipWall RLPK Caution Tape Reel Pack SystemWith the kit, one person can
create a sturdy barrier in a matter of minutes.View larger.Ideal for a Wide
Range of Construction ProjectsThe system is ideal for a wide variety of
projects that create dust or other potentially harmful debris. These include
demolition, drywall work, plaster repairs, insulation installation,
sanding/painting, chimney work, bath and kitchen renovation, and more.Patented
Design for Fast, Easy, Damage-Proof InstallationWith the ZipWall Spring Loaded
Poles, you don't need tape, staples, glue, furring strips, or ladders to
create a secure dust barrier for your job site.EPA-friendly, the Plus Kit has
everything for creating a dust-tight barrier in any work area.View
larger.Press play to view an interactive product tour of the ZipWall Barrier
System.ZipWall's patented design features a twist-locking pole that lets you
raise the sheeting without a ladder, and spring loading inside the pole to
keep the barrier under constant tension. Spring loading also lets you lift the
pole to tuck the sheeting under it for easy setup and adjustments. You can
even reposition the barrier with just a twist of the pole.Each pole features a
patented design that secures the sheeting to the top of the pole without tape;
this lets you attach and raise the sheeting quickly and easily. The non-skid,
non-marking material at the top of the pole grabs the ceiling, while the non-
skid GripDisk keeps the foot of the pole locked in position. Each pole
supports up to 110 pounds and can be used with barrier material up to eight
mils thick.Ideal for Use on Dropped Ceilings or when Running Negative/Positive
Air PressureThe ZipWall Spring Loaded Poles are ideal for dropped ceilings
because you can place them directly on the grid to create a tight seal without
pushing the tiles out of position.If you are renovating a clean room,
hospital, or other space where negative or positive air pressure is required,
the non-skid surface at the tops of the poles and non-skid GripDisks under the
feet of the poles will keep the dust barrier securely in position.Foam Rails
for a Continuous, Tape-Free Dust SealThe 4PL 4-Pack Plus Kit gives you the
option of creating a dust barrier using the included Foam Rail accessories.
Once the barrier is up, just remove a head from a pole, snap on a Foam Rail,
and raise the pole into position to seal the plastic along the ceiling.
Overlap the Foam Rails slightly, and you'll ensure a continuous, dust-tight
seal along the entire ceiling with no more damaging furring strips.Foam Rails
also work great on dropped ceilings because you can place them directly on the
ceiling's grid to create a tight seal without pushing the ceiling tiles out of
position.Create a Doorway Easily with the Standard Self-Adhesive ZippersWith
the included Standard Zippers, you can create a doorway anywhere in plastic
sheeting. Use one zipper for a simple doorway or place two zippers side by
side to create a wide roll-up doorway. The wide doorway makes it easy to move
equipment and building materials in and out, while still maintaining a dust-
tight seal when closed.Works with All ZipWall ProductsAlthough the ZipWall 4PL
Plus Kit gives you everything you need to create a small, sealed workspace,
you can also purchase each of the kit's individual components to set up larger
workspaces. If you are working with cathedral or vaulted ceilings, you can
also purchase the ZipWall 20-foot KT-20 poles.Protect Children and Property
from Lead-Dust ContaminationProviding a dust-tight seal around worksites is
very important, especially when doing demolition or when renovating an older
home that has lead paint. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
mandates that dust be contained when as little as six square feet of lead
paint is disturbed in homes or facilities where there are children under six
years old.Go to to get details on the latest lead-safety
rules and lead-safe work practices. New EPA laws are an important reason to
keep a ZipWall Barrier System on hand.What's in the BoxZipWall 4PL Plus Kit
with four ZipWall 12-foot Spring Loaded Poles, two ZipWall Foam Rails, ZipWall
Standard Zippers, 12-Pole capacity Carry Bag, and all necessary adapters,
plates, and tethers.Watch the 4PL Plus Kit demo video.Watch the 4PL Plus Kit
contractor interviews. See all Product description