Knew Concepts 3" Woodworker Fret Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade Clamps

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  • $ 104.29

  • Swivel blade clamp model; can rotate the saw blade a full 360, with click stops every 45
  • One of the most innovative fret saws available.
  • Unique blade holder makes blade changes and tensioning simple.
  • Weighs only 4.4 ounces, yet is incredibly strong.
  • Supplied with a 15 TPI #7 skip-tooth blade.

Woodworkers Fretsaw by Knew Concepts Made in USA, these fret saws are designed for quickly cutting waste from hand-cut dovetails. Their innovative truss-like frames are light-weight and far easier to use than their predecessors - the traditional jewelers fret saws. This light-weight but stiff frame reduces the occurrence of blade breakage and the thumb-screw blade clamps make it a cinch to install a blade. Gone is the awkward tensioning procedure associated with traditional fret saws. A simple cam lever easily tensions the blade in a second and you're ready to put the saw to use. The unique blade mounting system allows the blade to be swiveled 45 degrees right or left and a detent locks the blade at center. This is quickly accomplished by rotating the cam tensioner to release the tension, then retention the saw blade. This 3in. size weighing 4.4 oz. is perfect for hand-cut dovetails.