We make every effort to ship your item as quickly and as accurately as possible. As a result, orders are processed immediately upon receipt to expedite shipping to you no matter where you are in the USA. For that reason, once an order is placed, modification of the order cannot be ensured. Therefore, please make sure your name, shipping address, quantities, etc. are correct at the time of purchase.

Some items may be sent separately in an effort to expedite shipping of parts of your order, or reduce the lead time in getting products to you.  We stock and ship from multiple locations across the US, and try to ship some items to you from the closest warehouse to you.

Our goal is for your orders to arrive in tact and on time.  Therefore, customer orders are shipped via Amazon, USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.  We work with a network of shipping companies in order to acquire the fastest and most efficient means of delivery.