S.E. Vick Vix-Bit 5VIXBIT Self Centering Pre-Drill Bit for 7/64-Inch Hinges and #5 and 6 Screws

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  • $ 15.81

  • Saves time
  • Accurately drills holes
  • For 7/64-inch hinges
  • For no. 5 and 6 screws
  • For all hardware using screws

Product description This highly accurate, self-centering hinge drilling 7/64" Vix bit is used for precise drilling of holes for cabinet and door hinges, door butts and all large and small hardware. Works with 5 and 6 screws. Desired depth is achieved by loosening a setscrew, setting the high speed drill bit, and then tightening the setscrew. From the Manufacturer This pre- drill bit saves hours of time by accurately drilling holes for hinges, door butts, window pulls, window latches, door latch bolts, striker plates, and all other hardware using screws. The bit is for use with 7/64-inch hinges and no. 5 and 6 screws.