Forrest Saw Blade Stiffener - Dampener

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  • Forrest ST04 4-Inch Size 5/8-Inch Arbor .110 Plate Circular Saw Blade Stiffener - Dampener
  • Dampen out motor and belt vibrations from being transmitted up to the rim of the teeth
  • Greatly reduce cutting noise, holds blade rigid and true for better cuts on your machine
  • Are hardened and precision ground flat within .001" to keep your blade true
  • Normally best results are obtained by selecting one stiffener 1/2 to 2/3 the sawblade diameter and mounting it against the outside of the sawblade; (a 10" blade uses a 5" stiffener)

For a Smoother, Quieter Cut a single FORREST Dampener-Stiffener is highly recommended for all applications. They are made from Top-Quality Saw Steel and precision parallel ground to within .001 inch of side runout.