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3" Bowl Buff, Set of Three

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The purpose of Bowl Buffs and other similarly shaped products is the same ƒ?? to buff concave surfaces thoroughly and safely. Unlike those "others" however, which are available only in a firm, all linen configuration designed for metal buffing, these are softies. Assembled from fewer plies of material, they are more pliable, which makes them better able to conform to wood contours. And (except for the 2" version, which is made of all cotton flannel) they are offered in three materials, each designed specifically for buffing either with tripoli compound (all linen), white diamond polish (combined linen and cotton plies) or carnauba wax (soft all cotton flannel.)

These buffs don't require a tapered mandrel: they can be mounted, utilizing the Wood Buff Combination Adaptor on a stationary motor, or, with the addition of a Morse taper adaptor, on a lathe. Consider running them at a higher speed than the 8" wheels.

No buffing compounds included
For buffing either with tripoli compound (all linen,)
Buffing white diamond polish (combined linen and cotton,)
Buffing carnauba wax (soft all cotton flannel).