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Arbortech | BAL.FG.2000.20

Arbortech Ball Gouge

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  • Creates smooth concave surfaces in woodworking applications
  • Creates chiseled texture on wooden surfaces
  • Perfect for carving smooth hollows in spoons and small bowls
  • Enables easy hollow out and undercut
  • Ring shaped cutter measures 30mm in diameter

The Arbortech Ball Gouge is a spherical angle grinder attachment that rapidly
hollows small concave surfaces in wood. At approximately 1-3/16'' in diameter,
the ball-shaped cutter is ideal for carving wooden spoons, small bowls and
small to medium sculpting. It provides exceptional control, balance and
performance in freehand wood shaping and carving, thanks in part to Anti-Grab
Technology, which helps reduce the chance of dig-ins. When moved across a
wooden surface, the Ball Gouge can also be used to create a rustic chisel-like
texture. Its revolutionary, ring shaped blade is self-sharpening, rotatable
and replaceable , ensuring optimum value and durability. Features: Quickly
achieve concave surfaces in spoons and small bowls Easily hollow out, undercut
or create a beautiful chiseled texture on wooden surfaces Ideal for free form
carvingcarve in any direction without compromising control Anti-Grab
technology helps prevent dig-ins, providing better control over the final look
your project