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Beall Wood Buff System

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Wood buffing has been used by pipemakers to polish their briars for years. We first became intrigued by the process when we saw the impressive results it produced in our own shop, and soon afterwards decided to offer the necessary components in our catalog. Wood buffing wheels are similar to the metal buffing versions, but softer and looser, to conform to the contours of the work without blurring the detail. Since the buffing process adds nothing to the surface of the wood except a thin coat of carnauba wax - a non-toxic edible substance - wood buffing is a particularly good choice for toys or pieces which are intended to contain food items.

Since its introduction, the Wood Buff kit has gained a multitude of admirers - especially among turning enthusiasts. Its ease of use, coupled with the sheen it produces, makes it a particularly elegant solution to many finishing dilemmas. The Wood Buff may be attached to a 1725 r.p.m. stationary motor, a wood lathe, or a multi-purpose shop tool. And, although it was designed to polish smaller items, it can be adapted to large surfaces such as tabletops by powering it with a variable speed sander/polisher unit of the type used for auto refinishing. The Wood Buff Kit includes a Combination 1/2" - 5/8" Adaptor, one end of which attaches to your motor shaft where it is held in place by set screws. The other end is internally threaded to accept the bolts installed in the center of each buffing wheel, enabling you to change wheels quickly during the buffing process.

System includes: 3 buffs, quick-change adapter, 3 compounds and complete instructions
Changing buffs takes seconds with the quick-change adapter
Designed to fit 1/2" or 5/8" motor arbor shafts (1/2 HP or larger, 1725 RPM motor recommended)
Not for use in a hand-held drill