BOW FP1 Products Featherpro Feather Board Single

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  • EVA high density foam material of the feather component is very strong and durable
  • Feather foam will not mar softwoods, like other featherboards, when high tension is applied
  • Unique feather component is pressed into the FeatherPRO body so you can easily replace foam feathers or reverse feed direction quickly
  • Choose between the Standard Feather or the optional Ultralight Feather for greater control and feedback when feeding more delicate workpieces
  • Single FeatherPRO includes one Featherboard with one set of Standard Feathers and one set of mounting hardware

The featherpro is a revolutionary breakthrough in feather board performance and safety. Featuring high density foam that is as durable as plastic, the featherpro has critical advantages in feed control, non marring, and kickback resistance. The featherpro is an instant hit with professional and hobbyist woodworkers. And if you ever accidentally run the feathers into the blade, simply replace the feathers. Time to move on from traditional plastic feathers. The feather is made of a strong, durable non-marring high density foam that is designed with a hinge on each feather to absorb kickback energy and pinch the wood against the fence. The feathers also absorb vibration to minimize chatter or chatter marks for a cleaner cut. Featherpro feathers are thicker and have greater surface contact area, which disperses the tension over a wider area, while the high density foam material and living hinge combination results in a smooth glide on the infeed and greater control. Feathers are reversible. Better on the feed, easier on the wood, and best protection for you.