BOW Products Featherpro Ultralight Replacement Feathers

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  • High density foam feather is very strong/durable, yet incredibly smooth glide under high tension
  • Feather foam will not mar softwoods, like other feather boards, when high tension is applied
  • Unique feather component is pressed into the weatherproof body so you can easily replace foam feathers or reverse feed direction quickly
  • Choose ultralight feather for greater control and feedback when feeding more delicate work pieces
  • Includes two feather components only, requires single feather board or dual stackable unit to use these as complete feather boards

An industry first: Replaceable feathers the weatherproof replaceable feathers not only give you a choice of tension control, but if you accidentally cut a feather, you only replace the feather. You don't lose the whole feather board. The ultralight feather offers greater feedback control than our standard feather and is ideal for sensitive cuts or smaller pieces. The ultralight, like the standard feather is interchangeable, won't mar woods under high tension, and offer unprecedented kickback control with the built in hinge that absorbs energy during a kickback. Two per pack.