BOW Products FP3 Feather-Duo Stackable Feather-Board

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  • $ 69.99

  • High density foam material of the feather component is very strong and durable
  • Feather foam will not mar softwoods, like other feather boards, when high tension is applied
  • Unique feather component is pressed into the featherpro body so you can easily replace foam feathers or reverse feed direction quickly
  • Choose between the standard feather or the optional ultralight feather for greater control and feedback when feeding more delicate workpieces
  • The foam feathers protect cutters from damage if contacted

The feather duo is a stackable version of the popular featherpro feather board. The feather duo is ideal for taller material feeds, but can also be broken down and used as two individual featherpro feather board. Comes with ultralight and standard feathers as a value bonus. Revolutionary design consists of gardened foam feathers that provide a smoother glide on the infeed, will not mar soft woods and offers excellent protection against kickback. The feathers feature a hinge that during kickback with pinch and hold material against the fence thereby absorbing energy and protecting you. Foam feathers absorb vibration to minimize chatter or chatter marks for a cleaner cut. Featherpro feathers are thicker and have a greater surface contact area, which disperses the tension over a wider area. If you accidentally cut a feather, simply replace it. No need to replace the entire feather board. The foam feathers protect cutters from damage if contacted. The feather duo is a value advantage in that two sets of hardened foam are include. Feathers are reversible. Stackable featherpro includes two feather boards with one set of standard feathers, one set of ultralight feathers and two complete sets of mounting hardware and spacers for stacking.