Box Saw for Double Gang Outlet Box / QBit SQ1000-D Power Oscillating Multi-Tool Saw Blade

  • Sale
  • $ 50

  • Cuts in Double Gang Boxes in Seconds
  • Size 3-3/4" x 4"
  • Exact Cut Every Time
  • Compatible with Most Oscillating Power Tools
  • High Quality American Made and Engineered

The Qbit is the recently designed tool that makes cutting in-wall boxes fast and easy! The Qbit fits to nearly all Multi-tools, and quickly turns them into the square saw blade you need! Unlike the traditional drywall saw the Qbit blade leaves clean edges and cuts time down to almost nothing. With Qbit's advanced American engineering they have developed the highly requested Double Gang box! To make the daily just that much easier, making your day that much shorter!