Carter Hollow Roller Vessel Turning System

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  • Hollow vessels and bowls quickly and accurately
  • Quickly and easily removed and re-installed

Hollowing out a vessel or bowl just got a lot safer and easier with the Carter Hollow Roller Vessel Turning System! The patent pending system uses a captive bar tool allowing you to focus on your work, and safely turn hollow forms and bowls using your own gouges and scrapers. The fully sealed bearing lubrication eliminates drag on the bar, giving you more control and a smoother flowing motion as you manipulate your turning tools. Constructed of heavy-gauge materials to dampen vibration, giving you a comfortable turning experience. Made in USA.In order to utilize the Carter Hollow Roller Turning System with your lathe, a mounting stud is required (See "More Info" for details).Technical Details:Hollow vessels and bowls quickly and accuratelySafer than traditional non-captive hollowing systemsQuick-lock tool handle fits most aftermarket gouges and scrapersQuickly and easily removed and re-installedHeavy-gauge construction dampens vibrationPerfect for beginner or experienced turnersFunctional for all size lathes from mini's to full sizeMade in USAMounting Studs Necessary for Adapting Roller System to Lathe:45036 - Mounting Stud Works with Delta 46-700/701, General 260, Jet 1236, Jet 1442, Jet 1642, Nova 1500, Nova 3000, Oneway 1224, Oneway 1640 and most lathes with a 1" tool rest post 47912 - Mounting Stud Works with Delta Midi, Jet Mini 1014, Jet Midi 1220, Nova Mercury, Rikon Mini, and most Mini and Midi lathes with a 5/8" tool rest post