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Carter Next Generation MAGFENCE II (3" Height) Sacrificial Wear Face - SWF

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The Carter next generation MAGFENCE?? II 3" SWF?? (Sacrificial Wear Face) allows you to get the blade much closer to the fence without the fear of damaging your blade or your fence. Designed to fit the next generation Carter MAGFENCE?? II in the standard height configuration. A taller 5" version is also available for those that need a taller fence for resaw.

Sacraficial Wear Face (SWF) attaches easily at both ends via the existing slots in the MAGFENCE II face
The SWFTM is constructed out of ridgid non-warping plastic that will keep it's shape, but will not damage the blade in case of accidental contact
Ideal for sawing super thin veneers or any application where the fence might come in contact with the tooling or blade.
The SWFTM is designed to fit the next generation Carter MAGFENCE?? II product only.