Delmhorst HT-3000 Thermo-hygrometer

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  • $ 379.99

  • Digital readout
  • Fast response time
  • Auto power down
  • Measures temperature, RH, dewpoint, grains per pound
  • Data hold feature

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product description This thermo hygrometer is for IAQ and mold remediation specialists, flooring professionals, restoration contractors, home inspectors, general contractors and woodworkers. Use the HT3000 in conjunction with a Delmhorst moisture meter to determine the air quality and identify the presence of moisture. FEATURES Selectable screen displays Relative humidity range: 0 to 100% with up to 3% accuracy Temperature range: -4 to 128F with up to 1.8F accuracy Dew point range: -40F to 176F (-40C to 80C) GPP (grains per pound) Range: 0.55 GPP to 3868 GPP Fast response time Data hold feature Automatic power down One year warranty Rugged carrying case From the Manufacturer A new thermo-hygrometer for IAQ and Mold Remediation Specialists, Flooring professionals, Restoration Contractors, Home Inspectors, General Contractors and Woodworkers. Use the HT-3000 in conjunction with one of our moisture meters to determine the air quality and identify the presence of moisture. Features: selectable screen displays, relative humidity range of 0 - 100% with up to plus/minus 3% accuracy, temperature range of -4 degrees to 158 degree F (-20 degree to 70 degree C) with up to plus/minus 1.8 degree F (1 degree C) accuracy, dew point range of -40 degree F to 176 degree F (-40 degree C to 80 degree C), GPP (grains per pound) Range of 0.55 GPP to 3868 GPP, fast response time, data hold feature, automatic power down, 1 year warranty, and rugged carrying case.