Delmhorst RDM3 Advanced Rdm-3 Moisture Meter, Basic Package

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  • $ 665

  • Alarm: yes
  • Battery: one 9 v battery (included)
  • Data logging: yes
  • Display type: digital
  • Measurement type: pin

These handheld moisture meters are packed with features and are ideal for anyone who needs to collect and analyze key statistical information related to moisture. Pin-type moisture meters are the standard around the world as they provide the best way to identify surface and core moisture content, minimizing defects and improving quality control. Store up to 1400 readings and view statistics for each job number; data can be downloaded via optional software. Display the stored readings or show the average, standard deviation, minimum, and maximum values. Date/time stamp on all stored readings helps with quality control programs. Adjustable audible alarm alerts you when a preselected moisture value is reached. RDM3 meter has been designed for monitoring moisture in wood. The contact pins mounted on top of the meter provide 516" penetration for testing wood up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick. The meter measures wood over the range of 6 to 60 percent, and include built-in corrections for 71 individual wood species. RDM3/P meter is ideal for collecting and analyzing key statistical information related to paper. The contact pins mounted on top of the meter provide 516" (0.8 cm) penetration for testing paper tubes or corrugated stock. Several optional external probes are available for measuring percent of moisture content on a moving web. Moisture inspections Kit for wood (designed to be expanded with additional electrodes for specific applications) package includes: contact pins (2497/A-100), and case the wide assortment of meters and electrodes gives the flexibility to choose the right combination for your application specific meters are available for wood or paper applications. Measures moisture through built-in expand capabilities with optional pin electrodes.