Extreme Green Hand Scrub

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  • Solvent Free: It's not rocket science, but it is science: hand cleaners are either solvent-based or solvent-free. Solvents dissolve a lot of hard-to-clean messes, but they also take a toll on exposed skin. Frequent hand washing with harsh, solvent-based cleaners can lead to really dry and painful cracked skin. Instead, Full Bore uses a combination of detergents and water for an effective, solvent-free formulation!
  • All Natural Scrubbers: We use soft scrubbers made from minerals. We actually blend 3 types of scrubbers to get the best results. Our soft scrubbers change shape as you rub, allowing them to reach deep into your fingerprints to get your hands really clean.
  • Skin Moisturizers: Tough jobs make for rough hands. We add non-greasy moisturizers to help soften the skin and keep them from cracking. If your skin has cracks you just can't get clean, switch to Full Bore and watch your hands heal in just a few weeks.
  • Never Irritates Open Cuts: Cuts, scrapes, cracks, and nicks are just part of the job for some of us. Our neutral PH formulation will not irritate or burn your abrasions. So scrub away, and get those cuts clean so they can heal while you're at it.
  • Name: We liked the name Mean Green. We liked our “Bubble Boy”. We know you like the product and question why we would change the name. It all boils down to the trademark…there is a degreaser product on the market with the same name. They own the rights to “Mean Green”. Therefore, we had to change. The product is the same, only a new name. And wouldn’t you rather start living the new Full Bore lifestyle! Work Hard, Play Hard, Play Clean!

Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub It will take off anything. No qualification here. We have simply been unable to find anything the working person gets his hands into that Extreme GREEN Hand Scrub can't remove. Tar, asphalt, grease, oil, bondo, glue, adhesives, paint (wet or dry), printers ink (this is what it was invented for), etc... This makes it sound like it is a really harsh industrial hand cleaner loaded with solvents --- NOT SO. Extreme GREEN will actually help your hands heal. It is the cheapest hand cleaner you will ever love. Extreme GREEN Hand Scrub is so concentrated, you will get 300 hand washes per pound. Solvents, kerosene and turpentine cause hands to crack and split. Pain and prolonged discomfort is very common, causing decreased productivity. Extreme Green solves both problems. The quality speaks for itself. The emollient in Extreme Green will heal cracked and hurt hands, giving you happier employees