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Holey Galahad Premium Collection

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  • $ 269.96

  • 1 - Round Fine Green RFG
  • 1 - Round Extreme Purple REP
  • 1 - Flat Medium Red FMR
  • 1 - Round Coarse Blue RCB
  • 1 - 5/8" Universal Nut

Open a window to your work. Experience this unique new see-through technology.
These discs provide a unique ability to see the surface you are carving as you
work. Youll notice an immediate difference. Holey Galahad quickly allows you
to shape peaks and valleys into smooth surfaces as you see them, eliminating
the need to feel the high and low spots. These extremely sharp, long wearing
conical teeth provide superior surface removal with a very smooth action. Made
of durable Tungsten Carbide. POWER CARVING KITS are choice selections of our
most popular accessories. These choice sets offer a discount price compared to
individual purchases.