Lignomat Scanner SD Moisture Meter

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  • $ 270.38

  • Measuring Range 5%-99%
  • Built in calibration
  • Calibration for domestic species
  • The Scanner S/D is a dual depth (14" or 34") pinless, capacitance-type meter.
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Scanner S/D is a dual depth (" or ") pinless, capacitance-type meter. The S/D uses the relationship between the dielectric properties and the moisture content of the wood to produce a moisture reading that is the average value of the area between the surface and the maximum depth of penetration. Since pinless meters leave no mark, theyre preferred when testing finished products such as cabinet doors, table tops and ready to finish furniture. The S/D range of measurement range is from 5% - 99% dependent upon species. Temperature correction is not necessary. Comes with instructions, specie card and carry pouch. Requires 9v battery (Battery Included) & 2 Year Warranty.