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CRB7 7-In-1 Router Jig

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NEW Large Circle Compass: Cut circles over 4ft in diameter. Super-fast set-up means that the router doesn't even have to be taken from the CRB7. Maintains the same level of precision, adjustability and accuracy of cut that the CRB7 has always provided.
Adjustable Mortising: A unique feature that allows ƒ??Centered and Off Centeredƒ?� mortises. Decide on and precisely control the actual dimensions of the mortise.
Anti Tilt Support: Another first, variable height triangulated stabilization. Usually most of the router base remains unsupported when edge routing. The CRB7 Anti Tilt Leg supports the router eliminating router tilt, especially important when routing work pieces with a high aspect ratio.
Small Circle Compass: Route precision circles and holes that are actually smaller than the base of the router. Micro Adjust the circle dimension without disturbing the set up. Min Radius: ??ƒ?� (19mm) Max Radius: 8.??ƒ?� (225mm) Min Diameter: 1.?«ƒ?� (38mm) Max Diameter: 17.?«ƒ?� (450mm) *Measured using a ?¬ƒ?� (6mm) straight router cutter.
Adjustable Clamp Guide: Run the CRB7 up against your clamp guide to accurately route parallel dadoƒ??s along the length or width of your work piece. The Micro Adjuster reduces clamp guide set up time.
Off Set Base Plate: Increases overall router stability, reducing errors when edge molding by more than doubling the surface contact area between router and work piece. CRB7 also positions the pivot hand guiding the router toward the center of the panel, smoothing out the router pass action, reducing the chance of burn marks.
Adjustable false panel dado copier: The CRB7 provides a simple and exceptionally quick way of accurately repeating a molded dado. Ideal for production batch quality faux or false panelling.
Edging & Dowell Trim Kit: Quick-fit the Trim Kit Riser Pad, to flush trim hardwood lippings and dowels in one routing pass. (Requires accessory kit)
Edge Guide Kit: Allows parallel dadoƒ??s up to an impressive 7.1/2" in from the board edge. (a greater range than a regular edge guide offers). Or edge mold decorative panels. Machined in solid clear Perspex with mounting points for a false face piece. (Requires accessory kit)

Seven functions in one router jig
Adjustable anti-tilt support leg
Route precision holes from 1-1/2" to 17-1/2"
Increases safety and precision
Quick setup and removal