M-Power Diamond Cross 4" X 1" Twin Handle Sharpening File - 300/600

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  • 300/600 DOUBLE SIDED - We decided very early on that it made no sense to manufacture single sided diamond stones. The cost of the Stainless steel remains the same for a single or double sided. So lets double its usefulness.
  • SOLID 1/16 THICK ANTI RUST STAINLESS STEEL CORE - The majority of diamond stones on the market are manufactured in steel. However our desire to produce the best quality diamond stones we could, meant we upgraded to stainless steel - the superior non rusting option for the Diamond Cross range of stones.
  • DIAMOND CROSS PATTERNED RECESS - The Design registered DC embossed patterned recesses provides the perfect balance between the ultra hardwearing diamond coverage and anti clog properties of the pattern.
  • IN SURFACE GRIT INDICATOR - All Diamond Cross sharpening stones are double sided, and to let you know which side youre on. Each side of the stone has a large embedded number that indicates the grade of the plate side.
  • MULTIUSE - Sharpen you axe, hachet, edge trimmers, shears, scythes, spades, mower blades, and more. QUALITY ASSURED - The DC Twin Handle File is assembled and thoroughly inspected by our guys in the UK to ensure every diamond file is perfect before it reaches you.

The fundamental issue when sharpening larger blades E.g. shears or mower blades is maintaining a consistent contact at the correct angle along the entire length of the blade. Inspired by the traditional spoke shave, the Diamond Cross Twin Handle File has been developed to enable the user to employ both hands when sharpening. Using both hands provides superior control over the pitch or angle of the file and has obvious advantages over its single handled counterpart. The Twin handled file really does make the task of sharpening larger blades much easier. Its another case of why hasnt this been done before & once youve had one in your hands were sure youll agree.