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M-POWER DMT Extra Coarse Stone

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    DMT have developed an exclusive range of 5 different grades of diamond stone
    for use with the PSS (Model : A-USA-MPDMT-PSS1). From the extra course 120
    grit stone (left) for fast removal of material to the Super Fine Finishing
    1200 grit (right) for that supreme finish. No other hand held system uses such
    a wide variety of diamond grades for rapid removal of material to fine edge
    honing. DMT preparation stone @ 220 grit (Model : A-USA-MPDMT-PS)DMT
    finishing stone @ 450 grit (Model : A-USA-MPDMT-FS)DMT roughing stone @ 120
    grit (Model : A-USA-MPDMT-ECS)DMT fine finishing stone @ 600 grit (Model : A
    -USA-MPDMT-FFS)DMT super fine finishing stone @ 1200 grit (Model : A-USA-
    MPDMT-SFFS)NOTE: Price is just for each stone.