MAGNEPULL XP1000-6 Tapered XP Magnet w/Leader & Eye-Let

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  • NEW Non-Shatter Non-Magnetic Tip
  • New design XP Tapered Magnets has 25% more magnetic strength & the tapered bullet gives it less drag
  • Paired up w/ XP Retriever, Rolling Magnetic it has 30% more pulling strength
  • Bullet Drop Magnet 1 3/4" L, Diameter .47", Fits 1/2" Hole - Overall length 13"

Perfect for Low & High Voltage installers using smaller diameter wires (fits 1/2" hole)MAGNEPULL: 1 1/2" Extra Pointy Tapered Bullet Drop XP Magnet w/Braided Brass Flex 9" Leader* & Fish Eye-Let. *Braided Brass Flex Leader length may vary WARNING: KEEP MAGNETS AWAY FROM: TV's, MONITORS, COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES, CREDIT CARDS & PACEMAKERS ETC! WARNING: Watch your fingers, Magnets will snap together when too close together and could shatter. WARNING: Always ensure that you & other persons in the vicinity wear approved eye protection.