Miller Dowel 1X Stepped Dowel Joinery Kit

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    Quick Drill kits include Miller stepped drill bit and 50 Birch dowels. Available in three sizes: 1x for boards up to 1" thick, 2x for boards up to 1-3/4" thick and Mini-X for joining 1/2'' stock. Drill bits fit 3/8" chuck. Dowels available in birch, oak, cherry and walnut. Voted one of the hot new tools from the 2002 Show Circuit by Wood Magazine! Miller Dowel has reintroduced peg construction with distinct advantages over standard dowel construction. The Miller Dowel is perfect for use in a wide variety of wood joining and fastening applications, such as furniture, decks/docks, stairs and hand railings, cabinets, windows and doors, toys and more! It helps you avoid the problems associated with nails and screws, such as wood rot, metal corrosion and rust, nail pops, and splitting of the grain. If only 2 sections of the drill bit is used, then only 2 sections of the dowel will be inserted. This technique doubles the versatility of the product because it means that each size Miller Dowel is two sizes in one. It is an ideal feature when depth or thickness is restrictive, or for achieving a decorative effect.