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Miller Dowel | QD15D14

Miller Dowel Mdqd15D14 2X Stepped Hardwood Dowel Bits

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Miller Dowel joinery is a simple two-part system consisting of a stepped hardwood dowel and a matching stepped drill bit. Joints created with Miller Dowels combine the advantages of natural wood joinery and the ease of nails or screws. Simple - fast and easy to use. Strong - solid and long lasting joints. Economical - minimal tools required. Versatile - use in any woodworking project. Unique - the only wood fastener designed for insertion from the outside. Excellent results - an appealing and durable alternative. Dimension: 3-1/2' Long x 1/2' Cap.

Stepped drill bit for Miller Dowels 2X
Bores clean holes and prevents boards from separating as you drill.
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