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Mini X Miller Dowel Kit

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    The Miller Dowel Mini-X is designed for joining 1/2 stock and was developed
    specifically for use in projects using thinner solid woods, plywood or
    laminate. The MINI-X is available in Birch, Cherry, Red Oak and Black Walnut
    giving woodworkers the opportunity to blend similar woods or to design
    combinations that contrast different species. The MINI-X is ideal for use on a
    wide range of wood projects including drawer boxes in a desk or chest,
    decorative boxes with exotic woods, birdhouses, mailboxes, decorative lawn and
    garden items, small fencing, picture frames, face frames on cabinets, moldings
    & trim, or to repair or reinforce joints on older furniture or wood furniture
    of all kinds. And MINI-X can serve as an effective, simple and easy
    alternative to traditional blind dowels, biscuits, brads, dovetails or other
    interlocking joints. The MINI-X Joinery Kit includes 100 birch dowels in one
    of the four species and a TruFit drill bit made of industrial strength high
    speed steel. The drill bit and bags of 100 dowels of each species are also
    sold separately.