Mixol Universal Tints, 24 Piece Kit, #1-24

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  • Mixol tints are highly resistant to heat or frost damage
  • They won't dry out or thicken (because they are binder-free) - very long shelf/shop life
  • Clean-up is very easy with soap and water
  • High concentration of pigment
  • Mixol is compatible with almost any paint and coating

Mixol Universal Tints are the most concentrated, highest quality tints on the market today. They are compatible with most water, solvent, lacquer and oil based stains, coatings, shellacs, epoxies, waxes, varnishes, wood fillers, etc... Ease of tinting or mixing is often cited as the main attribute to Mixol, along with the "sophisticated" color palette. The oxide-based colors are made from inorganic pigments which make them color-fast, fade-resistant and weather-proof. These oxide colors are ideal for exterior applications, or where UV fading may occur. Mixol tints are not flammable or hazardous. 20 ML bottles, a little goes a long way. Our assortment consists of 24 distinct colors, 10 of which are oxide-based (colors 3, 4, 5, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24).