Osborne EB-3 Table Saw Miter Gauge with Triangular Stability and Telescoping Fence

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  • $ 139.99

  • TRIANGULAR design provides ROCK SOLID support along the entire fence; stable end to end along fence
  • Telescoping fence extension supports long material and carries the flip stop out to 42 INCHES
  • 3 top adjustable expansions slots in the guide bar push the sides out for zero play on any saw
  • 20 positive stops every 5 degrees and 22.5 degrees; FACTORY CALIBRATED to .003 accuracy of 6-inches
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY, 3/4 guide bar, reversible flip stop, easily switch to LEFT or RIGHT of blade

This might be the most accurate, smartest, and safest after-market saw gauge weve ever seen. Instead of the protractor-type gauge that typically comes with a table saw, Osborne built theirs on a triangular model. When they say "rock solid, dead accurate," theyre not kidding: Its guaranteed to be accurate to within 1/30th of a degree right out of the box. Youll never have to attach another auxiliary fence to a miter gauge and worry about it warping. Clean, smooth, accurate crosscuts happen every time without hassle. Operation is as simple as your standard miter gauge, but with this ingenious system, even a beginner cant make a miscut. Repeat angle cuts, and all your workpieces are interchangeable and identical. A telescoping extension means even long boards are fed true into the blade. No pro shop should be without this, and hobby woodworkers will love the results.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste From the Manufacturer The all new Osborne by Excaliber EB-3 has three laser-cut expansion slots in the guide bar to provide a more positive fit in your saw. The new fence extension allows for more solid support of long material and carries the flip top ou to 42-inches. The EB-3 is built to be accurate to within 1/30th of a degree right out of the box. It's fully reversible so you can work to the right or left of the blade.