Panel Buddies Raised Panel Door Spacers

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  • Spacers are .265" x .265" x 3/4" long and are designed for use in sndard 1/4" grooves in stiles and rails.ta
  • Panel BuddiesTM are produced without the use of any oils, ELIMANATING the chance of 'WEEPING' or STAINING of frames and panels
  • Specialized foam rubber (no memory) centers panel and allows maximum expansion without excessive pressure, PREVENTING JOINT FAILURE
  • Square design is easy to insert and WON'T ROLL on your work surface
  • Place Panel Buddies about 2" from the corners and spaced about 4-6" apart along the stiles and rails.

PANEL BUDDIES are fastly becoming the first choice of professional woodworkers across the country. Unlike other panel expansion spacers on the market, PANEL BUDDIES are made from specially sized foam rubber. They allow maximum expansion and contraction with out putting excessive pressure on the joints and allowing the panel to naturally center itself. You'll find your doors sound and feel more solid, eliminating the aggravating rattle associated with contracting panels.