Precision Sharpening System

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  • Now it is easy to keep razor sharp edges with this precision sharpening system.
  • Pick the stone you need and insert the slide with the proper angle toward the tool rest.
  • Set the tool on the tool rest, take a few strokes and you are done.
  • Touch up is a breeze when you need it.
  • System comes with a 180 grit preparation stone and a 400 grit finishing stone.

Innovative diamond sharpening system: M.POWER and DMT (leaders in diamond sharpening technology) combine to bring you an innovative sharpening system that will have you regaining that razor Sharp edge in seconds. Chisel in.. and sharpen. Plane blade in... and sharpen. No set up time.. No complicated attachments and No experience needed.. Its that simple. From the total beginner to the most discerning of professionals. The Precision Sharpening System will deliver a flat ground edge every time. Includes 2 x DMT Diamond Stones as standard. No set up time.Safe - Simple - Quick to use.Unique lateral sharpening action ensures a razor sharp edge with a flatground finish.The blade remains stationary when sharpening - so its very safe.Sharpens square edge chisels and plane irons from 1/8th (3mm) to2 1/2 (64mm).Change the grade of DMT diamond stone instantly via magnetic lock.(6 DMT diamond stone grades available).Change the sharpening angle from 25 primary to 30 secondary inseconds.Built to last - Machined in solid aluminum and finished in a hard wearinganodize.Sharpening system carriage runs on Nylon 66 slip rails for a smoothaction.