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Preppin' Weapon Sanding Block - Yellow

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Birthed in the auto body industry, this excellent hand sanding block is made from high impact ABS plastic (it won't break if you drop it), it's comfortable contoured shape fits the hand extremely well, and it has great heft. The superb design of its all stainless steel clip mechanism is one of the fastest and easiest to use. It requires little sandpaper to attach (cutting sandpaper waste), you can load multiple sheets at a time, and it won't ever rust. Use wet/dry paper a lot? The block floats in a bucket of water, allowing built-up particles float away. Colored blocks make it easy to assign different block to each grit. Works with 1/4 sheet sandpaper or 2-3/4" wide file paper. Made in the USA

* Made of high-impact ABS plastic
* A coil spring clip secures up to four sheets of sandpaper at once
* Provides a comfortable grip for less tiresome sanding
* Ideal for wet sanding, since the foam filled body floats
* Made in USA

The Sanding Block preferred by professionals
Comfortable grip reduces fatigue during extended periods of work
Cuts sandpaper waste by 36% compared to ordinary rubber blocks
Save money by using the lower cost plain-backed sandpaper
Made in the USA