Protimeter BLD5975 Flood Kit (includes, Surveymaster, Hygromaster L, Extention and Baseboard Probe, Hard Case)

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  • Includes: Hygromaster L, Surveymaster, Baseboard and Wall probes in a hard carry case
  • HygroMaster L: High performance, easy-to-use thermo-hygrometer
  • SurveyMaster: The world’s original and best selling dual function moisture meter with both pin and non invasive capabilities
  • Extension Moisture Probe: For taking moisture measurements in wall cavities to find moisture levels in drywall and insulation
  • Baseboard Moisture Probe: For taking moisture measurements behind baseboards and in sill plates

Protimeter Flood Kit - Unmatched Moisture Measurement Performance and Accessories in One Simple and Easy to Carry