Qbit SQ1000-S-C Power Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Saw for Metal Outlet Box

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  • $ 45

  • Specifically Designed to Cut-In Metal 1-gang boxes (See Size Chart)
  • Requires 18V, 20V or corded oscillating Multi-Tool Will Not Work on 12 Volt Systems
  • Universal mounting - rotates 360 in 30 increments
  • Safe to use - won't cut wires or you & simple to train techs
  • Stainless steel construction/American engineered & made in the USA

QBit SQ1000-S-C Outlet Box Saw Blade for Oscillating Power Multi-Tools Specifically Designed to Cut-in Metal Single Gang Boxs ------ Are you tired of over cutting your drywall using a reciprocating or drywall saw? ------ Are you looking for a better way to make Single-Gang cut-outs for retrofit wall boxes? The SQ1000-S-C will Cut-in exact rectangular-holes in seconds. --- If your job requires you to cut-in wall boxes in drywall, the QBit is for you. --- Fits on virtually all Oscillating Power Multi-Tools and turns it into a hole making machine! --- Unlike a drywall saw which leaves unsightly ragged edges, the QBit makes a perfect hole every-time and it does so quick and efficiently! American Engineered & Made in the USA. We highly recommend that you invest in this tool! ------ PERFECT FOR: Anyone who needs to make single gang rectangular-holes in drywall for wall boxes, including: High Voltage Tech - electricians, , Bosch makes a little adapter (OIS001B) for less than $4 that allows you to adapt to the standard size (which we don't stock or sell). ------ Does NOT include: Oscillating Power Multi-Tool or adaptor, which is only pictured to display how the tool works. ------ WARNING: Always wear approved eye protection.