Shinwa Chalk Line Manual Crank Neo with Super Fine line 77964

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  • Much thinner line than other chalk lines (0.020" thick)
  • 15 meter or 50 foot line
  • Manual crank rewind via folding crank handle
  • Line passes through felt block for more even chalk distribution
  • East to add chalk or change line/string

This chalk line is made by Shinwa Measuring Instruments. The line/string is much finer than other chalk lines producing a more precise line (line is just 0.020" thick) . The line/string passes through felt blocks for a more even distribution of chalk. The line/string is wound via a folding hand crank. Chalk can be added by opening the hinged door. Comes with 2 different attachments: 1) a metal hook for fitting over a nail or hanging over an edge or 2) a metal pin. Line/string can be easily replaced by opening up case. Line/string is 15 meters or 50 feet in length.