Snappy Tools 1/8 Inch x 1/4 Inch Trim-Screw Countersink, Fits Festool Centrotec Chucks #93258

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  • Drive Shank: Festool Centrotec compatible shank
  • Drill Size: 1/8 Inch HSS Twist Drill
  • Counterbore Size: 1/4 Inch x 82 degree angle
  • Recommended Screw Size: #8 trim-head screw (hard wood) / #10 trim-head screw (soft wood)
  • Replacement Twist Drill: 49208

Drill the pilot hole and countersink or counterbore for trim head screws in one easy step! The 82 countersink matches the angle on the head of most screws. Precision machined in the USA with tight tolerances. Made of thru-hardened alloy steel providing long cutting life. Easily adjust or replace drill bit by loosening the hardened set screw that ensures a secure hold on the pilot drill. Utilize the Snappy Premium Roatating Depth Stop for precise depth control (Part # 43032) (Sold Seperately)