Sommerfelds Easy Set Up Jig

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  • $ 35.95

  • Easily set up 8 different router bit operations.
  • Turn the dial to micro-adjust to your stock thickness
  • Positions your bit perfectly the first time, ever time
  • Accommodates stock thickness from 23/32" to 1-3/16"
  • Works with Sommerfeld router bits only. See below for specifics.

Until the ingenious Easy Set came along, setting complex profile (i.e. lock miter, drawer lock & glue joint) bit heights was both time-comsuming and frustating. But now, this simple device positions your bit perfectly the first time, every time for cutting any thickness of wood from 23/32" to 1-3/16" at the twist of the dial. The eight Sommerfeld's router bits that match the profiles on the Easy Set Jig include: Rail & Stile bits (03001, 03005, 06001), 22-1/2 degree lock miter bit (02004, 06002), 45 degree lock miter bit (06002), baby lock miter bit (06002), drawer lock miter bit (03006, 06002), reverse glue joint bit (03006, 06002) and the tongue & groove cutter (03004, 04001). Also any of our raised panel cope cutters can be set with this Jig since only the tongue portion of the Jig's profile is used during the height-setting process.