The AXE Full Size Square Carbide Tipped Turning Tool

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  • $ 124.95

  • Carbine cutters for long life and smooth cuts
  • Color-coded ferrules for quick tool identification
  • Beveled roughing and finishing tool bars for smooth shear cutting
  • SteadyGrip registration handle flats for solid shear cutting rotation
  • Solid Stainless Steel cutting bars. Made in the USA

This tool features a square carbide bit with the added bonus of an extra square bit with every tool. It will ship with a radius square installed and include a straight square in the package. The AXE was started more than a year ago in testing and development to create a better quality, more functional carbide turning tool then what was already on the market. The early design and feedback from testers indicated that wood was the preferred handle material, and although we had initially envisioned a modular metal design with interchangeable tool bars, most of our testers indicated they didnt want to stop working to change bars in and out, they just wanted to grab a tool and go! Thus, each tool is a stand-alone tool complete and ready to cut right out of the box. The first departure from traditional woodturning tools is the handle with its flat sides and angled rear. The tapper and flats on the rear not only allow for a more comfortable grip, but in the round and square tool they allow for positive angle registration when sheer cutting with the tool slightly angled. To facilitate the transition of angled cutting, both the round and square tipped tools have flat bases with slightly radius edges to allow smooth flowing movement from flat to angled. The next feature, which was highly requested, was the quick identification feature we incorporated into the ferrule of the handle. All tools in the AXE line (These are the full size, but we have plans for other sizes to follow) will repeat the same color code throughout the line. Thus, any size tool with a gold ferrule will be a detail tool. Any tool with a red ferrule will be a round tool and any tool with a blue ferrule will be a square tool. This way, at a moments glance to the tool rest, the correct tool can be found every time. As we add other shapes or cutters, new colors will follow but remain consistent within the entire AXE line.